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Finding space in our busy lives, is difficult but essential. Introducing Yoga into our daily lives can help to reduce stress, anxiety and improve mental and physical well being.  It is so important to make time, to take care and nourish our-selves inside and out.  Experiencing mindfulness and enjoyment in the simple things, bringing calmness, gratitude and self acceptance. Through yoga discover a new perspective and develop tools to deal with the every day, on and off the mat. Create strength, flexibility, balance and stability, releasing the body and mind through Pranayama (breath practice) Asana (postures) and meditation. Create space for a happier, healthier you.  Yoga is for everyone no matter age, build or experience, yoga is a personal journey and through regular practice we can understand more about ourselves and who we are.  'If not you, then who? if not now, then when?'  We can always find reasons and excuses not to invest in ourselves, sometimes we just need to breathe and have faith, as the time is now.


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